Merge Inventory Allocations

Merging inventory allocations combines multiple inventory allocations into a single inventory allocation and is useful when there are multiple inventory allocations with the same products.  


Merge Inventory allocations

  1. Go to the Offers menu in the Sales sidebar and click Inventory Allocations.
  2. Select the inventory allocations to merge in the Bamboo ID column. IA_check_boxes.png
  3. Click Actions and select Merge.
    • The Merge Inventory Allocations pop-up window will open.                                                            merge_ia.png
  4. Type a name for the new inventory allocation in the New Inventory Allocation Name field.            Screen_Shot_2022-11-14_at_3.20.43_PM.png
  5. Click the Inventory Period From field and select the inventory start and end date.                       Screen_Shot_2022-11-14_at_3.20.48_PM.png
  6.  Click the Choose Sales Reps drop-down and select an optional sales rep to assign to the inventory allocation.                                                                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2022-11-14_at_3.20.56_PM.png                                   
  7. Click Merge.
  8. If the Inventory Allocations being merged share some of the same products, click the Choose Section to Add into drop-down and select which section of the new Inventory Allocation to add the shared products.
    This step is optional as a default section will be selected for the inventory allocations shared products.
  9. Click the Choose New Limits Type drop-down and select either Sum OF All Existing Qty & Max Limit or Customize Quantity & Limit.
    The default selection will be the Sum Of All Existing Qty & Max Limit which will use the total of each shared product's remaining quantities as the new inventory allocation quantity and use the maximum order limit set for these products as the new inventory allocation order limit. Setting a maximum order Limit is optional and this field can be left blank if preferred. Selecting Customize Quantity & Limit will allow you to set new inventory allocation quantities and order limits.

11. Click Confirm to confirm merging the inventory allocations. 

  • The new inventory allocation will be created and can be edited as needed. The new inventory allocation will be inactive and must be activated to be used in offers.  The merged inventory allocations will become inactive.