Duplicate an Inventory Allocation

Duplicating an Inventory Allocation saves time by copying an existing Inventory Allocation.  The existing inventory allocation can then be edited as needed.  When an Inventory Allocation is duplicated, the existing Inventory Allocation is not altered or affected.


Duplicate an inventory allocation

    1. Go to the Offers menu from the Sales sidebar and click Inventory Allocations.
    2. Click the Search icon and type the name of the inventory allocation to duplicate.
    3. Click the inventory allocation's 3 dot menu and select Duplicate.     
      • The Duplicate Inventory Allocation pop-up window will open.                                                       Screen_Shot_2022-10-24_at_12.26.43_PM.png   
    4. Type a name for the inventory allocation in New Inventory Allocation Name field.                  Screen_Shot_2022-10-24_at_12.25.32_PM.png
    5. Click the Inventory Period From field and select the inventory allocation period. Screen_Shot_2022-10-24_at_12.25.47_PM.png
    6. Click the Choose Sales Reps drop-down and select the sales rep(s) to assign to the inventory allocation.                                                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2022-10-24_at_12.26.00_PM.png
    7. Select Set Remaining Quantities as Limits or Keep Initial Limits.
      If Set Remaining Quantities is selected, the remaining quantities of each product will be set as the new inventory limits for that product in the new inventory allocation.

      If Keep Initial Limits is selected, the original limits set for each product will be set as limits for the new inventory allocation.

    8. Click Confirm to save the duplicated inventory allocation.
      • You will be taken to the page of the duplicated inventory allocation to make edits as needed. before using the inventory allocation when creating offers.