Edit a Distribution List

When editing a distribution list, changes can be made to the name of the distribution list, the description of the distribution list, and the clients that are on the distribution list.


To edit a distribution list

  1. From the Sales sidebar, go to the Clients menu and click Distribution Lists.
    • You will be taken to the Distribution Lists page.
  2. Click the distribution list's Bamboo ID.

    You can also click the distribution list's Ellipsis kisspng-dots-computer-icons-hamburger-button-encapsulated-dots-5abc6793623f09.3451846115222967234024.png icon and select Edit..

  3. Type in the List Name and Description field to update the distribution list name and description.                                                                                                                                          Screenshot_2022-12-05_at_1.18.45_PM.png
  4. To remove clients from the distribution list, click the x icon next to the client's name.        Screenshot_2022-12-05_at_1.19.09_PM.png
  5. To add clients to the distribution list, click the Choose Clients drop-down, and select the clients to add.                                                                                                                                      Screenshot_2022-12-05_at_1.25.57_PM.png
  6. Click Confirm to save all edits.                                            DL_Edit.png