Generate a Performance Report

The Performance Report provides an overview of sales performance for a selected period and includes a performance breakdown by clients and sales reps.


Generate a performance report

  1. Go to the Reports menu in the Sales sidebar and click Performance Report.
  2. Click the Start Date field and select the reporting period.

    To add an additional reporting period to compare sales performance between two different periods, click the + icon next to the calendar icon and select the additional reporting period. 

  3. To apply filters to the report, click the More Filters drop-down and select the filters to apply. 

    Click Remove to remove selected filters.

  4. Click Load Report to generate the report. 
    •  You will be taken to the Reports By Clients tab which displays client-related data for the selected period.  Metrics include; the total number of clients that placed orders, the total dollar amount and units ordered, and the average order value with the top 5 clients and top 5 categories for the selected period.  Also included in this section is a breakdown of every client that placed an order, every category ordered by clients, and the total revenue and units ordered per category.                                                                                                                                        reports_per_client.png
  5. Click the Reps Per Category tab for an overview of Sales Rep data for the selected time period. reps_per_category.png
    • This tab includes the total dollar amount ordered by reps, the total units ordered by reps, the average dollar value, and the total number of clients.  Additionally, this section displays a breakdown of every sales rep that placed an order for the selected time period with the category ordered per sales rep, the total dollar amount ordered per category, the total units ordered per category, and the %  of total revenue per category.                                                                      
  6. Click the Reps Per Client tab for an overview of the total amount and units ordered per rep and client. 
    • This tab includes a breakdown of the total clients per rep and the total amount and units ordered for each rep's clients.                                                                                                        reps_per_client.png
  7. Click Export Excel to export the report to excel. 
    • You will be taken to the Export Files page to download the file.                                      export_excel.png
  8. On the Export Files page, click Download to download the exported performance report.