Edit a Brand

Before editing a brand, it is important to consider how edits will affect any associated products and templates.


Edit a brand

  1. Go to the Products menu in the Sales sidebar and click Brands.
    • You be taken to the Brands page.
  2. Click the search icon and type the name of the brand to edit.
  3. Click the brand's Bamboo ID in the Bamboo ID column to go to the brand's detail page.

    You can also click the brand's 3 dot menu and select Edit.

  4. To update the brand name, type the new name in the Name field.                                                    name.png
  5. To change the brand's associated organization, click the Organization drop-down and select a new organization.                                                                      organization.png
  6.  To change the brand's parent brand, click the Parent drop-down and select a new parent.          parent.png
  7. To change the license number, click the License Number drop-down and select a new license.     license.png
  8. To set the brand's products as sellable or non-sellable, click Products Sellable Settings and select Set Products As Sellable or Set Products as Non-Sellable.       Screenshot_2022-12-05_at_1.45.26_PM.png   
  9. To include or exclude the brand's revenue, units, and grams from the Total reporting section in all reports, select or clear the  Exclude from total revenue reporting box.                                      exclude.png
  10. Click Save to save the edits.