Delete an Account

You can delete a single account or multiple accounts at the same time. When an account is deleted, it is permanently removed and cannot be restored.   


To delete an account

  1. From the Sales sidebar, go to the Clients menu and click Accounts.
    • You will be taken to the Accounts page.
  2. Click Search and type the name of the account to delete.
  3. Click the account's Ellipsis icon.Screen_Shot_2022-07-07_at_12.44.09_PM.png
  4. Select Delete Client.
  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.                                                                            account_deletion_confirmation.png

To delete multiple accounts 

  1. Select the Accounts to delete.acct_checkboxes.png
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.