Merge Orders

Multiple Orders from the same client and the same offer with a Submitted status can be merged into a single new order or an existing order. 


Merge orders

    1. Go to the Orders menu in the Sales sidebar and click Orders.
      • You will be taken to the Orders page.
    2. Click the search icon and type the name of the client that submitted the orders to merge.
    3. Select the orders to merge in the Bamboo ID column.multi_orders.png
    4. Click Actions and select Merge.
      • The Merge Orders pop-up window will open.filter_orders.png
    5. Select Merge Into New Order or Merge Into Existing Order.

      Selecting Merge Into New Order will merge the selected orders into a single new order from the same client.  Once the merge is confirmed, the merged orders will be archived and cannot be edited, you can edit the new order.

      Selecting Merge Into Existing Order will merge the orders into an existing order.  The existing order options will be all of the orders currently selected for merging.  Once the merge is confirmed, you will be able to edit the selected existing order, the merged orders not selected will be archived and cannot be edited. 

    6. Click Merge.     
    7. Click Confirm to confirm merging the orders.

      All merged orders will display the Merge icon. Merge_Icon.png