Approve an Order

After a client places an order, it appears as Submitted on the Orders page.  After an order has been submitted it must be approved to begin the fulfillment process.


Approve an order

  1. Go to the Orders menu in the Sales sidebar and click Orders.
    • You will be taken to the Orders page where all submitted orders will display a Submitted status.
  2. Click the Search icon and type the name of the client that placed the order.

    Click the Filters icon and select filters to apply to narrow the order results displayed on the Orders page.

  3. Click the order's Bamboo ID to be taken to that order's page.                                                          order_id.png
  4. After reviewing the order details, click Approve.

    If the order needs to be edited after reviewing, edit the order as needed before clicking Approve.

  5. Click Confirm to confirm approving the order.