Generate a Daily Orders Report

The Daily Orders Report streamlines the order fulfillment process by presenting a detailed overview of product quantities and weights ordered by clients, in addition to order departure days, enabling quick and accurate order fulfillment.


Generate a daily orders report

  1. Go to the Orders menu in the Sales sidebar and click Daily Orders. 
  2. Click the Week drop-down and select a week range for the report.                                          Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_11.56.15_AM.png
  3. Click the Day of Departure drop-down and select the order departure day(s) to include in the report.                                                        Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_11.58.05_AM.png

    Selecting totals will show the total units ordered each day. The Client Name and Location will not be displayed as the totals shown will include the total units ordered by all clients.

  4. To filter the report by categories, click the Categories drop-down and select the categories to include in the report.                                                                                                            DO_categories.png
  5. To exclude selected categories and all brands that belong to the selected categories from the report, select the Exclude Selected Category & Brand box.                   

    If unchecked, the report will include all selected categories and brands that belong to the selected categories.

  6. To filter the report by brands, click the Brands drop-down and select the brands to include in the report.                                                                                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_1.15.01_PM.png                 
  7. The report will load on the Product Breakdown tab.
    • The Product Breakdown tab shows the daily units ordered with the quantity ordered per client and the overall total ordered by all clients shown in the totals row.                                                Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_1.15.25_PM.png

  8. Click the Weight Breakdown tab to see a breakdown of the weights ordered for each product strain.                                                                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_1.15.25_PM.png
  9. Click Export Excel to export an Excel file of the report.                                                                Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_1.15.39_PM.png
  10. Click View Exported Files to go to the Exported Files page.                                                               Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_1.15.39_PM.png
  11. Click the exported file's Download button to download the file.                      Screen_Shot_2022-11-04_at_1.23.14_PM.png