Generate a Top Level Report

The Top Level Report provides the most essential sales information at-a-glance for a selected period and includes data such as Total Revenue and Total Orders with a breakdown of total quantities, and units ordered for the selected period, as well as year-to-date and month-to-date totals and year-over-year comparisons.


Generate a top level report

  1. Go to the Reports menu from the Sales sidebar and click Top Level Report.
  2. Select a report Week of Year or Custom Period date range.                                                              
  3. Select Group by Root Category to view the report with all child categories (sub-categories) grouped into their root categories.                                                                                                          group_by_root_cat.png

  4. Select Include Product Samples, to include samples in the report.                                              include_samples.png
  5. Click Load to generate the report.
The total Revenue generated, the total Orders placed, and the total Quantities and Units ordered for the selected period will be displayed in the top section of the report.  Below this, are the same metrics from the same period for the previous year with the year-over-year difference.       totals.pngcomparison.png
The top ten accounts for the selected period will be listed in the Top 10 Accounts section. top_10_accts.png
The top ten categories for the selected period will be listed in the Top 10 Categories section.  Screenshot_2023-03-03_at_4.23.32_PM.png
The top ten products Products for the selected period will be listed in the Top 10 Products section.                                                                                                                                                top_10_prod.png
A chart of the year-to-date weekly revenue by brand is displayed in the YTD Weekly Revenue by Brand section. (Hover over a week to see the total revenue for that week as well as a breakdown of each brand ordered with the total revenue generated per brand). brands.png