Bamboo Release v22.5.26.1 (May 26, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • General
    • Done multiple responsiveness improvements
    • Added a "Soon" label for sections that are going to be implemented in the near future
  •  Clients
    • Fixed permissions related to viewing and editing the comments field in the client account details page
    • Removed the unique email address restriction for client accounts.
  • Products
    • Fixed the import of the 3PID field
  • Inventory Allocations
    • Fixed a bug in which an offer that used an inventory allocation with no assignments wasn't available for selection while creating new campaigns
    • Fixed a bug in which the period of the inventory allocation didn't match the one of the campaign 
  •  Offers
    • Improved the checkout page to cover bulk package type products
  • Campaigns
    • Now campaigns containing client accounts with the same email address will send separate emails with different subjects to differentiate each client account.
    • Campaign metrics are now available
  •  Orders
    • Fixed a bug in the Daily Orders report in which clients with the same departure date had the same data
    • Added the ability to restore archived orders
    • Improved order status transition by which orders that are in pending status will transition only to the original status. The rest of the status are now hidden.
    • Added the ability to autocomplete the departure date of orders based on the value of the departure day in the client account