Bamboo Release v22.2.28.2 (February 28, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • General
    • Added the ability to resize modals
    • Improved the UX while selecting multiple items from dropdowns
    • Fixed multiple minor bugs
  • Pricing Groups
    • Modified how prices are set from products to categories
  • Products
    • Added the ability to modify the price of a weight term
  • Offers
    • Added the ability to duplicate offers
  • Campaigns
    • Removed the 24hs restriction to send emails to clients
    • Modified the sender and email address format to show the company name
    • Added the ability to send a campaign immediately after activating it
    • Changed date & time formats in campaigns based on the new timezone configuration
  • Orders
    • Added the ability to merge orders
  • Settings
    • Added a new menu to manage the exported files