Bamboo Release v22.1.27.1 (January 27, 2022)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Minor bug fixes


  • General
    • Implemented several design and UX fixes
  • Clients
    • Added the account's email address field in the "Retailer's Information" tab
  • Products
    • Implemented ability to specify the price and pieces for a weight attribute term
  • Campaigns 
    • Implemented ability to view and edit the Campaign's period from the details page
  • Orders
    • Users can now download the Purchase Order
    • Users can now download the Invoice of an Order
    • Implemented the ability to remove products from an Order
    • Implemented ability to mark as Allocated, Packed, Processed and Shipped an Order
    • Implemented ability to edit the details and products of a Submitted Order
    • Implemented ability to set who placed an Order (Client or VMI Rep)


  • General
    • Fixed multiple bugs