Create a Distribution List

A distribution list is a group of account email addresses that can be used to send emails to multiple accounts at once. With distribution lists, you do not need to enter each recipient's email address individually when sending campaigns as you can select a single list containing all of your accounts.


Before you begin

Accounts must be added to Sales before they can be added to a distribution list.


Create a distribution list

    1. Go to the Clients menu in the Sales sidebar and click Distribution Lists.                                DL.gif
    2. Click Add
      • The Add Distribution List pop-up window will open.                                                              add_dl.gif
    3. Type a distribution list name in the List Name field.                                                      dl_name.gif
    4. Type an optional distribution list description in the Description field.                                   dl_desc.gif
    5. Click the Choose Clients drop-down and select the clients to add to the distribution list.dl_clients.gif
      Clients must be added to sales to be available for selection when creating a distribution list.  Click the x icon to remove a client from the distribution list.
    6. Click Confirm to save the distribution list.     
      • The distribution list will appear on the Distribution Lists page and will be available for selection when creating campaigns.