Add a Retailer Account

Adding retail accounts is the first step in Sales. After accounts have been added they can be grouped and assigned custom pricing, receive offers and email campaigns, and access the live offer menu to place orders.



Add a retailer account

  1. Go to the Clients menu in the Sales sidebar and click Accounts.                                                  add_an_account.gif
  2. Click Add.         
    • The Add Client Account pop-up window opens.                                                                          add_account.gif
  3. Type the account name, trade name, and email address in the Account Name, Trade Name, and Email fields.

    The email address should be the address Offers, Proposals, and Campaign emails will be sent. If you are located in Washington state, you can also add an optional Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number in the UBI field.

  4. Click the License Type drop-down and select the Retailer license type.

    Only Accounts with the Retailer license type will be available for selection in Sales, all other license types will be hidden in Sales and available for selection in Trace.  You will only have the option of uploading client documents if the Retailer license type is selected. 

  5. Type the retailer license number in the License field.license.gif
  6. Type the account's address and phone number in the Address Information section.                                                                                  address.gif
  7. Click Upload Document to add optional account-related documents.

    Files can also be added by dragging and dropping them into the Upload Documents section.

  8. Type optional account notes in the Comments section.                                                                          comments.gif
  9. Click Next to proceed with adding the account's main
  10. Type the account's main contact information in the relevant fields.
    • First and Last Name, Position, Email Address, and Phone number.                                                  contact.gif
  11. Select the Receive Email box for the main contact to receive offers, proposals, and campaign emails.receive_email.gif
  12. Click Next to proceed with adding the account's sales rep and delivery details.    next.gif
  13. If the account has an assigned sales rep, click the Sales Rep drop-down and select the sales representative assigned to the account.      sales_rep.gif
  14. If a VMI Rep is assigned to the account, click the VMI Rep drop-down and select the VMI Rep.
    When the VMI Rep is selected, the VMI Rep Email field will auto-populate with the selected VMI Rep's email.                                                                                                                               
  15. If a VMI rep was selected, click Send Offers to VMI or Send Offers to VMI and Client to specify if offers should be sent only to the account's VMI Rep or both the account's VMI Rep and Client.                send_offers.gif
  16. If a VMI Rep was selected, click the VMI Starting Date field and select the VMI Rep's start date.              vmi_date.gif
  17. If a call team rep is assigned to the account, click the Call Team Rep drop-down and select the call team rep.call_team.gif
  18. Click the Preferred Delivery Day drop-down and the Preferred Departure Day drop-down and select the account's preferred order delivery and order departure days.                                            days.gif
  19. Click Create to save the account.     
    • The account will appear on the Accounts page and will be available for selection when creating Pricing Groups, Distribution Lists, and Campaigns. Accounts can be deleted or deactivated.  Inactive accounts will not be available for selection.                                                    create.gif