Bamboo Release v21.10.13.1 (October 13, 2021)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Improved the responsiveness of navigation bar


  • Implemented new role options when creating users. Administrators can now create users of various types with preset roles for each app with permissions specific to an Admin, User or Viewer. Examples include Trace Admin, Trace User, Trace Viewer.


  • General
    • Added edit record option to Rooms, Strains and Plants
    • Fixed an issue where textboxes would intermittently lose focus making it difficult to input data
  • Strains
    • Fixed an issue where the strains module would sometimes hide columns
  • Rooms
    • Fixed an issue where room module in card view would return a blank page
  • Additives
    • Fixed an issue where the state name of an additive supplier was not always visible
  • Plants
    • Fixed various issues related to Plant Date, Age and Time in Room
  •  Products
    • Added a modal to confirm change of a user edited SKU
  • Inventory
    • Added ability to view details about a Lot
    • Added ability to view the results of a QA test
  • Labels
    • Fixed an issue where multiple variables were not capitalized once printed


  • Products
    • Added the ability to auto generate a SKU