Bamboo Release v21.9.29.1 (September, 29 2021)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


  • Various updates to underlying codebase of the application
  • Various UI enhancements to buttons, tables, headers and fields


  • Added option for selecting sync period when adding a license
  • Various updates to Roles permissions management


  • Added End Products section to Products module
  • Updated Clients module design


  • Inventory
    • Updated Lotted Inventory table design and function
    • Added ability to hold and unhold the quantity of a lot
    • Added ability to view conversion details of allocated quantities of a lot
    • Added lots action menu
    • Added ability to sublot a lot
    • Added ability to map and end product to a lot
    • Users can now start and edit a conversion
    • Added ability to order by mapped product in the lotted inventory table
  • Products
    • Added state category field to category creation
    • Added ability to reassign a products after deleting a category
  • Drivers
    • Added ability to update and edit a driver
  • Plants
    • Added ability to report general waste from plants action menu
    • Fixed an issue where no mother code was showing on plant tags
  • Grow Cycles
    • Added ability to report general waste from the grow cycles action menu
  • Propagations
    • Added the ability to report general waste from the propagations action menu
  • Labels
    • Updated custom variables function
  • Rooms
    • Removed actions menu from room card view as it was not needed and not functioning
  • Dashboard
    • Minor corrections to labels and spelling