Bamboo Release v21.8.26.4 (August 26, 2021)

The following list relates all changes in the latest updates to Bamboo


    • Implemented force cache clear to fix issue with module loading
    • Removed the Lock button from the user menu on all apps
    • Users can now see the release version and quickly view release notes by looking in the user menu and clicking the version number
    • Updated tab design in various modules


    • Users
      • Removed the blank password column


    • General
      • Modified the dashboard icon from a shield to the same dashboard icon of sales
      • Fixed an issue where users were unable to print labels in various modules
    • Strains
      • Fixed an issue where the mark as invisible option was slightly obscured
    • Products
      • Added columns to the products page for UOM, Net Weight, Base Price, Quantity, and Stock
    • Inventory > Unlotted
      • Added ability to filter lots
      • Added action to add lots to an existing conversion
    •  Conversions
      • Added ability for user to enter lots in the edit conversion page
    • Drivers
      • Improved the editing of driver records