Add a Category

Categories group products with similar attributes and are required before adding products. A sub-category is a division of a larger category, or a category within a category. Adding categories and selecting the correct category when adding products ensures that products are accurately organized.


Before you begin

  1. You will need to create product attributes for your category.

Add a category

  1. Go to the Products menu in the Bamboo Sales sidebar and click Categories.
  2. Click Add, and the Add a Category window will open.
  3. Type the category name in the Category Name field.
    Category names are displayed and visible on the Offer Menu, so the name should be typed as you would like it displayed to clients.
  4. If the category belongs to a parent category, click the Parent drop-down and select the existing parent category.
  5. Type an optional category description in the Description field.
  6. You can set a price per unit or price per weight for all products in the category, if applicable. Prices for individual products can also be set later however, after products have been created.add cate with unit price.png
  7. Click Next
  8. Search for the Attributes you have previously created which apply to the products in this category. For example, weights and strains.
    add cate with strains.png
  9. Click Add
  10. Then select the specific terms for each attribute. You can select All if all terms apply, or pick individual terms to add. The drop down menu will show available attribute terms to select from.add cate with weights.png
  11. Click Save, and now you can generate products for your category using a template.