Add a State License

To ensure compliance, at least one state license is required to use Bamboo. The required license information will depend on the state to which the license belongs.  


Add a license

  1. Click Licenses in the Portal sidebar.
  2. Click Add.       
    • The Add License pop-up window will open.                                                                                       
  3. Click the State/Test License drop-down and select Add State License.                            license            
  4. Click the Organization drop-down and select the organization to which the license belongs.      organization
  5. Type a name for the license in the License Name field.                                                                      license
  6. Click the State field and select the state to which the license is assigned.   
  7. If Then
    The license belongs to Washington state

    Click the State License Type drop-down and select the type of license to add.  

    The license belongs to California or Massachusetts Type the required vendor and user keys in Vendor Key and User Key fields.              
  8. Type the license number in the License Number field.                                                                      license
  9. Click Save to save the license.
    • The license will appear on the Licenses page.