Manage Plants

Prior to plants entering the Harvest In Progress stage, all non-propagation plants can be bulk-managed from the Plants page by taking various actions including; making plants mothers, changing plants' grow status, using plants to create propagation sources, and applying nutrients and pesticides to plants. 


Manage plants

  1. Click Plants in the Trace sidebar.
  2. Click the Search icon and type the plant strain to quickly find the plant(s).                                  Screenshot_2023-04-03_at_11.15.44_AM.png
  3. Select the plant(s) to manage.

    Clicking the All Plants tab will display plants in all grow stages.

    Clicking the Vegetative tab will only display plants in the vegetative grow stage.

    Clicking the Flowering tab will only display plants in the flowering grow stage.

    Clicking the Harvest In Progress tab will display all plants currently in the process of being harvested. *All actions are not available for plants in the Harvest In Progress stage.

  4. Click Actions and select a plant management action                                                                            actions.png
    • Create Propagation Source  - create propagations from any plant marked as a mother. create_prop.png
    • Change Grow Status - change the grow status of selected plants.                                 change_grow_status.png
    • Start New Grow Cycle -  start a new grow cycle with selected plants.                        start_new_gc.png
    • Move to Grow Cycle -   move selected plants to a different grow cycle. 

      When plants are moved to a grow cycle with a different status than the current grow cycle status, the grow status of the plants being moved will automatically be updated to the grow cycle they are being moved to.

    • Move to Room -  move selected plants to a different room.                                            move_to_room.png
    • Apply Pesticides -  apply pesticides to selected plants.                                              apply_pesticides.png
    • Apply Nutrients - apply nutrients to selected plants.                                                      apply_nutrients.png
    • Create Harvest -  create a harvest with the selected plants.                                                  create_harvest.png
    • Edit Strain - change the strain for selected plants.

      This action is only possible for some states.

    • QA Sample - create a QA sample for the selected plant.                                                     
    • Destroy -  schedule selected plants for destruction.                                                      destroy_plants.png
    • Move to Inventory - move selected plants to inventory.                                                  move_to_inv.png
    • Create Manifest -  create a manifest for selected plants.

      The selected plants will automatically be moved to inventory.

    • Add to Existing Manifest - add selected plants to an existing manifest.

      The selected plants will automatically be moved to inventory.

    • Make Mother -  mark selected plants as mother plants.                                                    make_mother.png
    • Export to Excel -  export an excel spreadsheet containing a list of the selected plants.
    • Print Labels -  print labels for the selected plants.

      Labels must be added in advance from the Labels page.