Add a Room

A room is an enclosed physical location within a licensed facility in which cannabis plants are grown, stored, disposed of, or harvested. Adding rooms is the second step of the Trace workflow as rooms must be available for selection before cultivation can begin.  Rooms can be viewed for one license at a time.


Before you begin

Room types must be added before adding a room.


Add a room 

  1. Go to the Rooms menu in the Trace sidebar and click Rooms.
  2. Click Add.
    • The Add Room pop-up window will open.
  3. Type the Name of the room.                                                                                          Screenshot_2022-11-28_at_4.13.53_PM.png
  4. Click the Room Category drop-down and select the room's category.                                          Screenshot_2022-11-28_at_4.14.18_PM.png
  5. Click the Room Type drop-down and select a room type.

    The Room Type options will be adjusted based on the Room Category selection. Selecting the All room category will display all room types in the Room Type field.  Selecting a specific room category will only display room types that belong to the selected category in the Room Type field. For example, selecting the Propagation category will only show propagation room types in the Room field.

  6. Type an optional room Length.                                                                                                      Screenshot_2022-11-28_at_4.15.48_PM.png
  7. Type an optional room Width.                                                                                            Screenshot_2022-11-28_at_4.15.55_PM.png
  8. Type an optional RFID (radio frequency identification) Tag number for the room.                          Screenshot_2022-11-28_at_4.16.06_PM.png
  9. Click Submit to add the room.