Add a Strain

Adding Strains is the starting point of using Trace as strains must first be added to be available for selection when creating propagations. Strains must also be added in Trace before they will be available for selection when creating products in Sales.  


Add a strain 

  1. Click Strains in the Trace sidebar.
  2. Click Add.
    • The Add Strain pop-up window will open.
  3. Click Upload and select a strain image to upload.

    Uploading an image is optional but recommended as strain images for Made to Order products are pulled directly from Trace and are displayed on the live Offer Menu in Sales.

  4. Type a required strain name in the Name field.                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2022-11-09_at_1.10.01_PM.png
  5. Type an optional strain description in the Description field.                                                              Screen_Shot_2022-11-09_at_1.10.10_PM.png
  6. Type an optional custom strain identifier in the Custom ID field.                                    Screen_Shot_2022-11-09_at_1.10.21_PM.png
  7. Click the Testing Status drop-down and select an optional strain testing status.                          Screen_Shot_2022-11-09_at_1.10.42_PM.png
  8. Type the optional THC and CBD potency levels in the THC and CBD fields.

    For  metrcĀ® Users, This means that if a strain is tested as containing *15%* THC potency, then every gram of dried flower of that strain contains *0.15* grams of THC. Potency can drastically change between a single plant or from plant to plant, so the percentage that should be entered into metrcĀ® would be the average potency percentage from all tests in the past two years. If no tests have been conducted please use your best estimate. 

  9. Slide the Indica or Sativa toggle to add the strain's Indica and Sativa percentages.

    By default, this is set at 50% for both Indica and Sativa. Adjusting the percentage for either will adjust the percentage of the other so that the total for both Sativa and Indica equals 100%. (Required for metrc users).

  10. Click Save to add the strain.

    Click + Add Another Strain before clicking Save to add additional strains. 

    • The strain will appear on the Strains page and be available for selection when creating propagations and source products and when adding end products in Sales.  A strain cannot be deleted but can be made invisible by changing its' Visibility status (clicking the toggle in the strain's Visibility column).  Invisible strains will not be available for selection.