How to Reopen Manifests

If an order has been manifested, you can reopen the manifest to make any necessary changes. Simply go to the manifest and click on the "REOPEN" button.


Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 15.58.52.png

When a manifest is reopened in Trace, upon "review and publish" again, it follows the workflow outlined below:

  1. The manifest transitions from the Published status to Open.
  2. All edits and actions are reinstated.
  3. The data from the manifest is restored.
  4. The user can then make any necessary edits to the manifest and re-publish it.

What occurs in Metrc afterward?

  • If the template was successfully published before, Trace will update the existing template in Metrc.
  • If the previous template failed to publish successfully, TRACE will generate a new template in Metrc.