Bamboo Release v23.11.16 (November 16, 2023)

Here are the latest implementations, improvements, and bug fixes from Bamboo. These updates bring enhancements and fixes to various areas of Bamboo, improving functionality and user experience.



  • Fixed multiple bugs
  • Inbound Manifests
    • For the state of WA, modified the state categories to source types
    • For the state of WA, added the ability to map incoming items to any category and product, regardless of the declared value
  • Outbound Manifests
    • For Order Manifests, added the ability to copy to clipboard product names and strains
  • Metrc
    • For all states, removed the option to select mandatory or non-mandatory QA samples when adding QA samples to manifests
    • For all states, removed the vendor keys from the UI
    • For all states, added a restriction to update strains if they were already used
    • For all states, modified the Rooms module to be compatible with Metrc
    • For the state of MA, added the "Tissue Culture" source type
  • Labels
    • Added the "Parent Lot Date" variable for inventory and product label types