Add a Third Party ID to an Order

Third Party IDs (3PIDs) can be used to cross-reference orders between different platforms.  Adding third-party IDs makes it possible to export orders in a format that can be imported to other third-party platforms and is especially useful when using Bamboo Sales with other traceability platforms.


Add a third party id to an order

  1. Go to the Orders menu from the Sales sidebar and click Orders.
  2. To quickly find the order, click the search icon and type the name of the client that placed the order.                                                                                            order_search.png
  3. Click the order's Bamboo ID in the Bamboo ID column.                                                                order_id.png
  4. Click the pencil icon in the order's 3PID field.                                                                                       pencil_icon.png
  5. Type the order's third party ID, then click the Checkmark icon to save the 3PID.  check.png