Add a Test License

A test license enables you to explore Bamboo's functionality at your preferred pace within a dedicated "test" environment, prior to transitioning to a state license. Any data generated using a test license is considered "test" data and is not reported to your state's reporting system. It's important to note that test data cannot be transferred to your state license.


Add a test license

  1. Click Licenses in the Portal sidebar.
  2. Click Add.       
    • The Add License pop-up window will open.                                                                                       
  3. Click the State/Test License drop-down and select Add Test License.   
  4. Click the Organization drop-down and select the organization to which the license belongs.      organization
  5. Type a name for the license in the License Name field.                                                                      license
  6. Click the State field and select the state to which the test license is assigned.                          state
  7. Click Save to save the test license.
    • The test license will appear on the Licenses page and will be available to use when exploring Bamboo in a test environment.