Bamboo Release v23.6.10 (June 10, 2023)

Here are the latest implementations, improvements, and bug fixes from Bamboo. These updates bring enhancements and fixes to various areas of Bamboo, improving functionality and user experience.



  • Accounts
    • Added an optional UBI field for Washington state accounts.
  •  Products
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect SKU auto-generating when adding a product to an existing template.
    • Improved Templates feature to group template products and samples based on Brands and categories so products and samples are not removed from templates when editing names and descriptions.
  •  Samples
    • Fixed a bug that prevented adding a sample when removing a template selection in the Product Template field.
  • Inventory Allocations
    • Implemented the ability to mass delete products in an inventory allocation.
  • Campaigns
    • Implemented the ability to send order confirmation emails to Sales and VMI Reps from a Link campaigns.
  • Orders
    • Implemented the ability to merge order comments when merging different orders.


  • CCRS
    • Improved performance of the CCRS file generator.
  • Harvest
    • Fixed various failures on the Harvest detail page.
  • Unlotted Inventory
    • Fixed various bug that prevented the creation of unlotted inventory.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Unlotted Inventory traceability statuses to continuously appear as "Sync Pending".
  • Lotted Inventory
    • Fixed a bug that caused Lotted Inventory traceability statuses to continuously appear as "Sync Pending".
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in missing parent lot traceability ids when creating sublots and reassigning to products.
    • Implemented the ability to adjust inventory to "0" as regulators require changing inventory to "0" before destroying.
    • Implemented the ability to undo inventory adjustments.
  • Conversions
    • Fixed a bug that caused output products to be restricted to only Trace products with the corresponding input lot strain when creating a conversion.
  • QA samples
    • Improved QA Samples removing restrictions and allowing users to create QA samples for lots with mapped products from all state categories.
    • Fixed a bug that caused QA Samples' traceability status to continuously appear as "Sync Pending".
  • Inbound Manifests
    • Fixed a bug that caused line items to be deleted from filtered views when changing and saving inbound manifest values.
    • Fixed various regression bugs on the "Add Items to Manifest" pop-up window.