Create a Label Template

Label Templates help you save time by enabling you to create pre-designed label layouts that can be easily selected during the label creation process.  When creating a label template, all dimensions such as width, height, and margins will be in inches.


Create a label template

  1. Click Labels in the Trace sidebar.
  2. Click the Label Templates tab.                                                                                                              label_templates_tab.png
  3. Click Add.
    • The Add Label Template pop-up window will open.                                                                          add_label_template.png
  4. Type a name for the label template in the Name field.                                                                        label_template_name.png
  5. Type the label width in the Width field.                                                                                 width.png
  6. Type the label height in the Height field.                                                                              height.png
  7. Type an optional top margin for the label in the Top Margin field.                                   top_margin.png
  8. Type an optional bottom margin for the label in the Bottom Margin field.                     bottom_margin.png
  9. Type an optional left margin for the label in the Left Margin field.                                                left_margin.png 
  10. Type an optional right margin for the label in the Right Margin field.                                            right_margin.png
  11. Click Select File in the Tag Overlay section to add an image overlay to the label template.

    If an image overlay is added to the label template, the image will be displayed on all labels using the template. The image can be removed at any time by opening the Edit Label Template pop-up window and selecting Remove Overlay.

  12. Click Submit to save the label template.
    • When creating a new label, the label template will be available for selection in the "Copy label size from a template" field.