Bamboo Release v23.5.10 (May 10, 2023)


Below are the most current Bamboo implementations, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • License
    • Fixed synching of licenses between Bamboo and METRC


  • Performance Report
    • Fixed a failure that allowed the "Show Category Labels Only" box to be selected when no category labels have been created
  • Category Labels
    • Fixed a failure that caused the wrong tab name to be displayed when on the Category Labels page
    • Changed the name of Category Labels to Category Groups
  •  Campaigns
    • Implemented Re-marketing Campaign feature, adding the ability to send a re-marketing email campaign to clients that did not order from a previously sent campaign
  • Orders
    • Added roles and permissions to the Order Labels feature
    • Added the ability to remove labels from multiple orders
    • Added the ability to manage order labels
    • Fixed a bug that caused the ability to add more than the allocated maximum sellable weight to an order
  • Daily Orders
    • Improved the function of Brands and Categories filters on the Daily Orders Report to make them dependent on each other


  • Fixed failures that caused lists with Date time filters to not be implemented with the correct time zone
  •  CCRS
    • Fixed redundancy issue when sending inventory adjustment file to CCRS
    • Fixed synching of rooms between Bamboo and METRC
    • Fixed synching of strains between Bamboo and METRC
  • QA Samples
    • Added the ability to cancel a QA sample
  • Inbound Manifests
    • Added the ability to add an inbound manifest with a WCIA link
    • Added the ability to accept items imported from a WCIA link
  • Outbound Manifests
    • Fixed an issue that caused a missing Lab Result ID on the WCIA link/file
  • Labels
    • Fixed a failure that caused text on the label preview screen to be blurred