Create Order Labels

Order labels can be used to indicate the status, priority, type, or any other relevant information associated with your orders. They are a way of effectively organizing and managing orders by allowing you to create up to five order labels to manage and track the progress of your orders. 

You must have at least one order listed on the Orders page to begin creating order labels.

Create an order label

  1. Go to the Orders menu in the Sales sidebar and click Orders.
  2. Click + Label in the Label column.                                                                                    add_label.gif
  3. Click Manage Labels.
    • The Manage Labels pop-up window will open.                                                                              manage_labels.gif
  4. Click + Add Label.
    • A label will be listed with the label color as the default label name.              add_blue.gif
  5. Click the label's pencil icon and type a name for the label.                                        Label_name.gif
  6. Click the checkmark icon to save the label name.                                                                                save_label.gif
  7. Click Close to close the Manage Labels window.
    • The order label will be available for selection and can be assigned to orders.  To assign the label to an order, click + Label in the order's Label column and select the label.                assign