Bamboo Release v23.4.19 (April 19, 2023)

These are the latest Bamboo implementations, updates, improvements, and bug fixes. 


  • Dashboard
    • Fixed a bug that caused the dashboard to show more than 12 weeks on the 12 Weeks Trend Chart
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Dashboard Report to show the wrong total orders for orders that were spilt into new orders
    • Improved Dashboard mobile responsiveness
  • Reports
    • Added the ability to show category labels in exported performance report files
  • Category Labels
    • Added the ability to rearrange category labels by dragging and dropping
    • Added permissions to the Category Labels feature based on user roles
  •  Accounts
    • Implemented the ability to upload client documents to client accounts
  • Categories
    • Improved the categories function so all categories are "state-owned"
  •  Products
    • Fixed a bug that caused template products to be removed from their templates after saving their 3PIDs
  • Inventory Allocations
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error message when merging inventory allocations with deleted products
  •  Offers
    • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong available quantity to be displayed in an offer after decreasing the quantity of an invisible item in the order details
    • Fixed a bug that caused samples to show the wrong available quantity when the unit of measurement is not in grams
  • Orders
    • Added the ability to create, manage and filter order labels



  • Traceability Status
    • Added the ability to show a "synch confirmed" status for all test license items
  •  Propagations
    • Removed the limit of 100 units when creating propagation batches
    • Implemented the ability for partially destroyed propagations to have their unique Bamboo ID to mitigate duplicate records being reported to the state
  • Plants
    • Fixed a bug that prevented non-harvested plant strains from being edited 
  •  Outbound Manifests
    • Fixed a bug that prevented canceled Transfer and QA manifests from being reopened
    • Fixed numerous issues that caused the wrong dates and timestamps to be displayed on Inbound Manifests
    • Fixed a bug that caused missing End Product names and SKUs in the manifest WCIA file/link