View User Roles and Permissions

A role determines what a User can see and what actions they are able to take within the different Bamboo applications.  Correctly assigning roles is important as roles directly impact a user's level of access.

Each role is assigned permission to Read, Write or  Read and Write. A Read permission means a user has the ability to view and download. A Write permission means a user has read permission as well as the ability to create, update, delete, and restore.


View user roles and permissions

  1. Go to the User Management menu in the Portal sidebar and click Roles.  
    • The different roles and the number of users assigned to each role will be listed on the Roles page. roles.gif
  2. To view a role's permissions, click on the role.                                                               
    • You will be taken to the role's Permissions tab where the different menu items will be displayed with the permission(s) for each item.  
      • A checkmark in the Read column indicates read permission. read_permission.gif
      • A checkmark in both the Read and Write columns indicates permission to both read and write. write_permission.gif
  3. To view the users assigned to the role, click the Users tab.                                                            users.gif