Add Category Groups

Category Groups allow for the easy creation and display of custom category groups for efficient reporting. For example, reporting can be streamlined by consolidating various concentrate categories into a single "Concentrates" category group.


Add category group

  1. Go to Reports in the Trace sidebar and click Category Groups.                                                category_groups.gif
  2. Click Add on the Category Groups page.
    • The Create New Category Groups window opens.                                                                          add_cg.gif
  3. Type the category group Name.                                                                                                            cg_name.gif

    The Performance report will be auto-selected in the Included in Reports field and cannot currently be edited.

  4. Click the Add Categories drop-down and select the categories to include in the group.            concen_cg.gif
  5. Click Create to create and save the group.                                                                            

    To delete a category group, click the group's 3 Dots Menu and select Delete.

    To deactivate a category group, click its Status toggle.