Pricing Layers

Bamboo offers extensive customization options for pricing tailored to your clients.

In brief:

Product Pricing: Set default pricing for the product.
Pricing Group: Group clients into specific pricing cohorts.
Custom Client Pricing: Define custom pricing for individual clients.
Offer Pricing: Establish discounted pricing at the Offer level. If this price is lower than the Product Pricing, it will be visually marked to indicate a sale.

Different pricing layers provide the flexibility to customize the Sales Menu pricing for your respective client. Applying a Pricing Layer to an offer ensures that the displayed pricing on the Offer Menu varies for each client based on the specific Pricing Layer applied.

Before the different pricing layers can be successfully applied to offers, Custom Client Pricing and Pricing Group Pricing should be set. Make sure to input the pricing for individual products.

Pricing Group Pricing - You can categorize your clients into pricing groups. Each client will view category prices based on their assigned pricing group. It's important to note that a client can only belong to one pricing group.pg_pricing.gif


Locked Custom Client Pricing takes precedence over all other pricing. If Custom Client Pricing is set and locked, it will override any offer pricing, even if the offer pricing is lower than the locked Custom Client Pricing. Clients with locked Custom Pricing will automatically view their locked pricing when accessing the Offer Menu.



Offer Pricing offer_pricing.gif

If offer pricing is configured and there is no locked custom client pricing, the offer price will take precedence over all other pricing. When offer pricing is set, all clients will see the same offer pricing when accessing the Offer Menu, irrespective of whether Unlocked Custom Client Pricing and Pricing Group pricing have been established. The Offer Pricing can be viewed as the "discounted" pricing.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 15.28.01.png



Unlocked Custom Client Pricing - Your client will see their individual unlocked custom prices displayed on the Sales Menu (if it's the lowest price for them). unlock.gif

Product Pricing - This serves as the default price for the product. If it happens to be the lowest price across the platform, it will be displayed on the Sales Menu. Remember that the product's lowest available price will be shown to the respective client if other pricing layers are lower.