Manage a Grow Cycle

A Grow Cycle is a group of plants planted on the same date, in the same growth stage, and that will eventually be harvested together, usually from the same room. Plants within a grow cycle can be bulk managed by managing the entire grow cycle.


Manage a grow cycle

  1. Click Grow Cycles in the Trace sidebar.
  2. To quickly find the grow cycle, click the search icon and type the name of the grow cycle strai        search_gc.png
  3. Select the grow cycle in the Bamboo ID column, click Actions, and select a grow cycle management action.
    • Change Grow Status  - change the grow cycle's status to either Vegetative or Flowering.       grow_status.png
    • Move to Room - move the grow cycle to a different room.                                                              move_room.png
    • Apply Pesticides - apply pesticides to the grow cycle.                                                              pesticides.png
    • Apply Nutrients - apply nutrients to the grow cycle.                                                                nutrients.png
    • Create Harvest - harvest the grow cycle.                                                                                    harvest.png
    • Add to Existing Harvest - add the grow cycle to an existing harvest.
    • Destroy Plants - destroy plants within the grow cycle.                                                                 
    • Report Green Waste - report green waste generated from the grow cycle.                                green_waste.png
    • Move to Inventory - move plants within the grow cycle to inventory.
    • Export to Excel - export the grow cycle details to excel.
    • Print Labels - print a label for each plan within the grow cycle.                                                    print_labels.png
    • Delete Grow Cycle - delete the grow cycle.