Duplicate a Distribution List

Duplicating a distribution list allows you to create a new distribution list by copying an existing distribution list and editing it as needed.


To duplicate a distribution list

  1. Go to the Clients menu from the Sales sidebar and click Distribution Lists.
  2. Click Search and type the name of the distribution list to duplicate.                                                  dl_search.png
  3. Click the distribution list Ellipsis icon and select Duplicate.   
    • The Duplicate Distribution window will open.                                                          select_dl.png
  4. Type a new List Name.                                                                                                                          DL_Name.png
  5. Type an optional distribution list Description.   
  6. To remove clients from the list, click the x icon next to the client name in the Choose Clients field.

    To remove all clients; click the x next to the sections drop-down arrow.

  7. To add clients to the list, click the Choose Clients drop-down and select the clients to add.        choose_clients.png
  8. Click Duplicate.