Duplicate a Pricing Group

Duplicating a pricing group allows you to create a new pricing group by copying an existing pricing group with all of its categories and prices. When duplicating a pricing group, the existing pricing group's clients will not be duplicated.


To duplicate a pricing group

  1. Go to the Clients menu from the Sales sidebar and click Pricing Groups.
  2. Click Search and type the name of the pricing group to duplicate.                                                  search_pg.png
  3. Click the pricing group's Ellipsis icon and select Duplicate
    • The Duplicate Pricing Group window will open.                                                          dup_pg.png
  4. Type a new Pricing Group Name.                                                                                                          pg_name.png
  5. Click Duplicate.

    Clients must be added to the new pricing group for it to be used when creating campaigns.