Add Account Contacts

A main point of contact is added when creating a new account, additional contacts can be added after the account has been created.  


Add account contacts

  1. From the Sales sidebar go to the Clients menu and click Accounts.
    • You will be taken to the Accounts page.
  2. Click Search and type the name of the account to add additional contacts.
  3. Click the account's Bamboo ID.
  4. Click the account's General tab, then click the Contacts section drop-down.                                general_tab.png
  5. In the Contacts section, click the + icon. 
    • The Add Contact window will open.                                                                                     contacts.png
  6. Type the contact's First Name.                                                                                                            first_name.png
  7. Type the contact's Last Name.                                                                                                              last_name.png
  8. Type the contact's Position.                                                                                                                position.png
  9. Type the contact's Email Address, then select the Receive Email box for the contact to receive Offers, Proposals, and Campaign emails.

    If the Received Email box is not selected the contact will be added but will not automatically receive Offers, Proposals and Campaign emails.

  10. If the contact will be the account's main point of contact, select the Main box.                        main_box.png
  11. Click Save to add the contact.   

    To delete the contact, click the Delete icon. When deleting an account's main point of contact, a new main point of contact must first be selected or you will be unable to complete deleting the contact.