Add a Nutrient

To apply nutrients to Rooms, Propagations, Grow Cycles, and Plants, they must first be added to Trace to be available for selection.

Before adding nutrients, the nutrient supplier must be added as a supplier selection is required when adding nutrients.


Add a nutrient

  1. Go to the Additives menu in the Trace sidebar and click Nutrients.
  2. Click Add.
      • The Add Nutrient pop-up window will open. 
  3. Type the nutrient name in the Product Name field.                                                                               nutrient
  4. Type the optional nutrient EPA regulation number in the EPA Regulation Number field.                nutrient
  5. Click the Additive Type drop-down and select the nutrient additive type.nutrient
  6. Type the nutrient quantity in the Quantity field then click the UOM drop-down and select the quantity's unit of measurement.                                                                                              nutrient                  
  7. Click the Supplier drop-down and select the nutrient supplier. 

    The supplier must first be added to Trace to be available for selection.

  8. Click the Active Ingredient + icon and type the optional active ingredients in the Active Ingredients field, then type the percentage of active ingredients in the Percentage field. 

    Click the + icon to add an additional active ingredient.

    Click the Trash icon to remove an active ingredient.

  9. Click Submit to save the nutrient.
    • The nutrient will appear on the Nutrients page and be available to select for application throughout Trace. After a nutrient has been added, selecting the nutrient and then clicking Actions will allow you to apply the nutrient to selected Propagation Batches, Grow Cycles, Plants, and Rooms.  Nutrients cannot be deleted but can be made unavailable.