Add an Additive Supplier

When adding pesticides and nutrients to be available for selection throughout Trace, a supplier must be selected which means suppliers must be added before adding pesticides and nutrients.


Add an additive supplier

  1. Go to the Additives menu in the Trace sidebar and click Additives Suppliers.
  2. Click Add.           
    • The Create Supplier pop-up window will open.                                                                               
  3. Type a required supplier name in the Supplier Name field.                                                                supplier
  4. Type an optional street address for the supplier in the Address field.                                        supplier    
  5. Click the State drop-down and select the optional supplier state, then type an optional supplier zip code in the Zip Code field.                                                                                                                supplier
  6. Type an optional phone number for the supplier in the Phone field.                                      phone.png
  7. Type an optional email for the supplier in the Email field.                                                                    email.png
  8. Click Submit to add the supplier.
    • The supplier will appear on the Additive Suppliers page and will be available for selection when adding pesticides and nutrients.