Add a Source Product

A Source product is used to create other types of products and can be used to create other source or end products.  When creating inventory lots, selecting a source product to map the lots to is a required step.  Without mapping the lots to a source product a lot cannot be created which means the source product that the lots will be mapped to should be added before creating the lots.


Add a source product

  1. Go to the Products menu in the Trace sidebar and Select Products.
  2. Click Add to go to the Create Product page.
  3. Type the source product Name

    A SKU will generate after the name, strain, and category have been added.

  4. Type an optional source product Price.                                                                                              price.png
  5. Click the Strain drop-down and select the required source product strain. 

    To add a strain click the + icon.

  6. Click the Category drop-down and select the required source product category. 

    To add a category, click the + icon.

    Source product categories must be mapped to the correct state categories.

  7. Type an optional Net Weight for the source product.                                                                        net_weight.png
  8. Click the UOM drop-down and select an optional net weight unit of measurement.                      uom.png
  9. Type an optional number of Pieces.                                                                                                pieces.png
  10. Click the Label drop-down and select an optional label to use for the product. 

     All labels that have been added to the Labels page will be available for selection.  

  11. Type an optional source Product Description and source Product Disclaimer.                        prod_desc_and_disc.png
  12. Click Save to add the source product.