Create a Source Product Conversion

Once inventory has been lotted, you have the ability to convert the lotted inventory into intermediate and end products.


Before you begin

Before creating a source product conversion, the conversion's output source product must be added in Trace and mapped to the correct state category.


Create a source product conversion

  1. Go to the Inventory menu in the Trace sidebar and click Lotted.     
  2. To quickly find the lot to convert, click the search icon and type the name of the lotted inventory strain.                          
  3. Click the lotted inventory's 3 dot menu and click Start Conversion.

    To convert multiple lots, select the lots, click Actions, and click Start Conversion

    select_conv.png   strt_conv.png
  4. Type the conversion name in the Conversion Name field.                                                               conv_name.png
  5. Click the Room drop-down and select a room for the converted source product lots.               room_dd.png
  6. Type an optional conversion waste quantity in the Waste Quantity field, then click the UOM drop-down and select the waste quantity unit of measurement.                                                  waste
  7. If a waste quantity was entered, click the Waste Room drop-down and select a room for the waste created from the conversion.                                                                                                        waste
  8. Select Source Product in the Output section.                                                                          Screenshot_2023-03-17_at_7.39.13_PM.png
  9.  Click the Output Products drop-down and select the output source product to be created from the conversion.

    If the output source product has not been added in Trace and mapped to the correct state category, it will not be available for selection.

    When the conversion's output source product is selected, clicking the See More link will take you to the page of the selected output product in a new window.

  10. Type the quantity of output product that will be created in the Output Quantity field.                   output_qty.png
  11. If the output product lot(s) will inherit the QA results from the selected input lot(s), select the Product not altered (Inherits QA results) box.                                                                            Screenshot_2023-03-17_at_7.20.56_PM.png
  12. For Metrc States:

    In Metrc states, leaving the Production Batch box unchecked means you will inherit the QA results. However, if you check the Production Batch box, new testing results would be required, following Metrc's Production Batch Best Practices:
    Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 20.01.11.png

  13. Type the quantity of the selected input lot(s) to use for the conversion in the Input section Used column.

    To remove a lot from the conversion click Remove.

  14. Click Finalize to finalize the conversion and create the output products.
    • Finalizing the conversion will declare it to the state system and adjust the input lot quantities by subtracting the quantity used (the quantity entered in the Used column) for the conversion. The conversion will appear on the Conversions page with a  "Closed" status after it has been finalized.  The resulting output product lots from the converted source product will appear on the Source Products tab of the Lotted inventory page and can be further sub-lotted as needed.                                                                                                       finalize.png