Create a Label

Labels can be customized by adding custom label variables and only selecting the variables you want to be displayed on your labels. When creating a label, the available label variables will depend on the label category selected. 

Creating label templates beforehand simplifies the label-creating process by eliminating the need to enter label dimensions each time a label is created.


Create a label

  1. Click Labels in the Trace sidebar.
  2. Click Add.       
    • You will be taken to the Create Label page.                                                                                     add_label.png
  3. Click the Category drop-down and select a label category. 

    The label variables available for selection will depend on the label category selected.

  4. Type a Label Name.                                                                                                                        label_name.png
  5. If using a label template, click the Copy label size from a template drop-down and select a template to apply to the label. 

    Using a Label Template is optional.  If using a Label Template, the template should be created in advance.  If no template is selected you will need to enter the label's dimensions.

  6. If a Label Template was not selected type the required Label width and Label height, and the optional Top margin, Bottom margin, Left margin, and Right margin.                                            margins.png
  7. Select the Variables to display on the label by checking the box of each variable to display. 

    If a variable's corresponding Visible box is checked, that variable will be visible on the label. To display all variables on the label, check the All Variables box.  Rearrange variables by dragging and dropping them into your preferred position.  Resize QR and Bar Codes by dragging the corners.

    *Please be aware that the information shown on the label preview is "test data" pulled from the Test Data column. The actual information displayed on the label will depend on the specific product(s) for which the label is being generated.

  8. Click Include Labels to include variable titles on the label.

    Variable titles refer to the fields in the Label column.

  9. To add a custom variable to the label, click Add Custom Variable and select the custom variable to add.

    Custom label variables allow you to take control of your labels with the ability to customize the information you want to be displayed on your labels.

    If Add Custom Text Variable was selected, type the custom variable title in the text field.

  10. To change a variable font to bold, click the variable's 3 dots icon and check the Bold box.        bold.png      
  11. Click Save to save the label.
    • After a label has been saved it cannot be deleted but can be made invisible by clicking it's Visibility toggle.