Create a QA Sample Manifest

After a QA Sample has been created, the next step is to create a QA Manifest to send the QA Sample to the lab selected when creating the QA sample.  QA Manifests can only be created for QA Samples with an Open status.  You can add multiple QA Samples to the same manifest if all of the samples will be tested by the same lab. 

There are two ways of creating a QA Manifest, from the QA Samples page or from the Outbound manifests page. When creating a QA Manifest from the QA Samples page, the Recipient field will be auto-filled by default.  When creating a QA Sample manifest from the Outbound Manifests page, you will be able to select both the manifest Recipient and the manifest Type.


Create a QA sample manifest 

  1. Click QA Samples in the Trace sidebar to go to the QASamples page. 

    You can also go to the Manifests menu, click Outbound, then click the QA samples tab and click Add.

  2. Click the 3 dots icon of the QA sample to manifest and select Create Manifest, or select the QA sample, click Actions and select Create Manifest.

    If multiple QA samples are selected, they must all be sent to the same lab for testing.

  3. The manifest Recipient field will be auto-filled by default with the lab selected when creating the QA Sample.                                                                                                                                      qa_recipient.png
  4. Select a Manifest Type.                                                                                                                      mani_type.png
  5. Click Create to create the manifest. 

    You will be taken to the open QA Samples manifest page to add additional QA Samples to the manifest as needed, select an Estimated Departure and Arrival date, and designate the Driver(s) and Vehicle to transport the QA sample.

  6. Click Add Items to add additional items to the manifest.  

    You can also click the + icon in the Total Items section. Multiple samples can be added to the manifest if they are all being sent to the same lab for testing.

  7. Click the Estimated Departure and Estimated Arrival date fields and select an estimated arrival and departure date and time for the samples. 

    If you select Today, the date selection will default to today's date and the current time.  The Estimated Arrival date must be later than the Estimated Departure date.

  8. Click the Driver drop-down and select the driver that will be transporting the sample(s).            driver.png
  9. Click the Vehicle drop-down and select the vehicle the sample(s) will be transported in.            vehicle.png
  10. Click Save to save the QA sample manifest.                                                                                          save.png
  11. Click Review and Publish to review the manifest. 

    If you still need to make edits to the manifest, click Back before publishing the manifest.

  12. Click Publish to publish the manifest. 

    After you click Publish, the manifest status will change to In Transit and the manifest can no longer be edited.