Create QA Samples

Before lotted inventory can be made available for sale, a sample of the inventory must first be sent to a lab for testing and the testing results must be received and entered into Trace. If there are no QA results in Trace, a lot cannot be marked as available for sale.

Before you begin

A lab selection is required when creating QA samples which means labs must be added in Sales under Accounts prior to creating samples.  


Create a QA sample

  1. Go to the Inventory menu in the Trace sidebar and click Lotted.
  2. Click either the Source Products or End Products tab depending on the type of product sample to be tested.
  3. To quickly find the lot, click the search icon and type the name of the lot strain.
  4. Click the lot's 3 dots menu and select Create QA Sample.                 lotted_inventory.pngScreenshot_2023-01-24_at_12.25.09_PM.png
  5. Type the quantity of the sample to test in the Quantity field.

    The maximum QA sample weight is determined by your state.

  6. To change the quantity unit of measurement for source product samples, click the Unit drop-down and select a unit measurement.

    The Unit field will auto-populate with grams by default for source product samples and    will be disabled for end product samples.

  7. Click the Sample Type drop-down and select a Mandatory or Non-Mandatory QA sample type.                                                                                                                                                      sample_type.png
  8. Click the Laboratory drop-down and select a lab to test the QA sample.

    Labs must be added to the Accounts page in Sales before they will be available for selection when creating QA Samples.

  9. Click Create Samples to create the QA sample(s). 
    • The QA Sample will appear on the QA Samples page with an Open status. You are automatically taken to the QA Samples page after after creating the sample.  From the QA Samples page, you can create a manifest for the sample, add it to an existing manifest, cancel the sample, and change the lab selected to test the sample.

      When QA testing results have been received, they can be added on the QA Samples page.