Create Inventory Lots

After a harvest is closed, the harvested materials become Unlotted Inventory and can then be used to create inventory lots.  When inventory is lotted, each lot will receive its own code and becomes a separate entity.  


Before you begin

To accurately assign lots to inventory, you must select a source product to associate with the lots. This requires adding the source product prior to creating any lots.


Create inventory lot(s)

  1. Go to the Inventory menu in the Trace sidebar and click Unlotted.
  2. To quickly find the unlotted inventory, click the search icon and type the name of the unlotted inventory strain.
  3. Click the unlotted inventory's 3 dot menu then click Create Lots.   
    • The Create Lots pop-up window will open and will display the lot strain and the available quantity of unlotted harvest material.          unlotted.png
  4. Type the lot(s) weight in the Lot Weight field then click the Unit drop-down and select a Unit of Measurement (UOM) for the lot(s).

    The Unit field will auto-populate with grams as the default unit of measurement.

    When the lot weight is entered, the Number of Lots field will appear and will auto-populate with the total number of lots to be created based on the individual lot weight you entered (calculated by dividing the available weight by the individual lot weight).

  5. Select the Lot Remaining box to lot any remaining inventory.

    The Lot Remaining box should only be selected if there is inventory remaining after entering the lot weight. When the Lot Remaining box is selected, the Number of Lots field will display the total number of lots that will be created based on any remaining inventory.

  6. Click the Inventory Room drop-down and select an inventory room for the lot(s).                          inventory
  7. Click the Map to Product drop-down and select the source product to assign to the lot(s). 

    If there is no source product available for selection, you must go to the Products page and add the source product then proceed with creating your lots.

  8. Click Submit to create the lot(s).
    • The lots will appear on the Source Products tab on the Lotted page.  Selecting individual or multiple lots, then clicking Actions will enable you to manage the lots by selecting various actions.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you are unable to create lots after adding an associated source product, check that the source product category has been mapped to a state category.