Add a Sample Type

Before adding samples, it is recommended to create a sample type. Sample types can be added simultaneously with a product sample, but this process takes you to the Sample Types page instead of staying on the Samples page. Therefore, you will need to go back to the Samples page after adding the type, which adds an extra step to your workflow. To avoid this, it is more efficient to add sample types in advance.


Add a sample type

  1. Go to the Products menu in the Sales sidebar and click Samples.
  2. Click the Sample Types tab, then click Add.   
    • The Add Sample Type pop-up window will open.                                                                     Screenshot_2023-01-19_at_3.48.23_PM.png
  3. Type a name for the sample type in Sample Type Name field.                                                           Screenshot_2023-01-19_at_3.49.11_PM.png
  4. Type the sample type's net weight in the Net Weight field then click the UOM drop-down and select the sample type's unit of measurement.            Screenshot_2023-01-19_at_3.49.22_PM.png
  5. Click Add to save the sample type.