Add a Propagation Batch to an Existing Grow Cycle

A propagation batch can be added to an existing grow cycle instead of creating a completely new grow cycle from a propagation batch.


Add a propagation to an existing grow cycle

  1. Click Propagations in the Trace sidebar.
  2. To quickly find the propagation batch, click the Search icon and type the name of the propagation batch strain.
  3. Select the propagation batch to add to an existing grow cycle.                                                              Screenshot_2023-01-06_at_11.47.50_AM.png
  4. Click Actions and select Add to Existing Grow Cycle.     
    • The Add to Existing Grow Cycle pop-up window will open.                                                        Screenshot_2023-01-06_at_11.46.40_AM.pngScreenshot_2023-01-06_at_11.47.13_AM.png
  5. Click the Grow Cycle drop-down and select the existing grow cycle to which the propagation batch should be added.                             Screenshot_2023-01-06_at_11.49.28_AM.png
  6. Click the Plant Room drop-down and select a room for the grow cycle.                                    Screenshot_2023-01-06_at_11.49.38_AM.png
  7. Click the calendar icon in the Planted Date field and select the planted date for the grow cycle.planted_dt.png
  8. Click the Estimated Harvest drop-down and select the grow cycle's estimated harvest date.  est_harvest_date.png
  9. Click Add to add the propagation batch to the selected grow cycle.