Using Tabs


Bamboo Tabs allow you to switch between different menus and pages while working in Sales and Trace. Whenever you click on a menu or page, it will appear as a "Tab" in the Tabs Bar.  You can then click the tabs to switch between the different menus and pages instead of using your browser's back arrow.                                                                                                                            Screenshot_2022-12-28_at_3.25.38_PM.png

To close a tab, click the X in the top right of the tab.                                                                                  Screenshot_2022-12-28_at_3.28.56_PM.png

To close all tabs, click the X in the top right of the Tabs Bar, then lick Confirm to confirm closing all tabs except the tab that you are currently viewing.                                                       Screenshot_2022-12-28_at_3.28.56_PM.pngScreenshot_2022-12-28_at_3.24.24_PM.png